Activity in Access Road

Activity in Access Road

Car sitting in access road for several nights between 4-20-2019 and 4-23-2019


4-20-2019 at 22:35


4-20-2019 at 22:35


4-20-2019 at 22:42


4-21-2019 at 00:56


4-21-2019 at 01:02


4-22-2019 at 00:01



4-22-2019 at 03:34


4-22-2019 03:34




4-22-2019 22:47


4-23-2019 22:49


4-23-2019 01:42


4-23-2019 23:08

Police showed up. Asked person what they were doing. Person said “just sitting here smoking a cigarette”. I spoke to police, and they said “yeah seems odd doesn’t it” (literally what they said). They did not search the vehicle or investigate any further, just asked him to leave. I told police I have footage of him coming up the access road; they did not care to hear it. Told them he could be casing the area, to which they did not seem interested.

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